Sunday 3 April 2016

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Okay, so, I took a short break from reading about cats and fairies because I thought y'all'd appreciate another review of something more bite-sized. You will NOT be able to guess the story I just read, fo' realz! (Also, title suggestions: Fonteyne's; White Rabbit, White Rabbit; Can You Say 'Uncle'?; The Discerning Bunny's Guide to Wizardry; Wizard's Mistress.... I could probably think of others, but that's good enough for now :))

Okay, so this story starts off like every other magical story ever, that is to say: it starts with the Beginning. And what beginning it is! I was so like "Ugh, that's awful!" while also being like, "Um... how could you not have seen this coming? I mean really...." and also "There's some seriously sweet names in this'un's tale here, yo!" If nothing else, and there's a lot else to recommend this, you should read it just for the inspiration of the naming of things. The names are just perfect, well-spelled without being mundane, special without being ridiculous, otherworldly without being unrelatable or unreadable. Perfect! <3

Back to the tale, we follow a first person narrator who is slightly unreliable, while also being incredibly sensible in most regards, and just a tad too involved in her own life. Maybe that's just me though, I'm not big on the whole crying concept, it's so messy! :/ Anyway, after all the weeping is through, we get a good idea of where we're at in the world, (have I mentioned I want more of this world, yet???) and seriously, it's a pretty nice place!!

Magically maintained gardens, servants, cooks, a great big library! :D Friendly people who probably aren't out to get our main heroine in trouble, and glimpses at a magic-system comparable to Trudi Canavan's in the Black Magician series and others (also recommended reading, will review later and elsewhere), in that the magic is super duper cool, somehow unlimited, while also being a scarce resource oft stored in wabbits! :D

So, after the first glimpse at magic, which left everything to the imagination in the worst possible way :( I was like "I KNEW it!" And "har har, I'm brilliant!" But also "Next page, next page, next page- is this glue in my eyes??" And then there was the first adventure of the story, which was all like, not what I expected. It was so civilised, there was a carriage and a driver and, and, and, roads!!! Who uses roads in fantasy books!? :O It didn't take long, either.

First they got to the place, then they had the dinner, then there was an interesting hint of conflict to come, and then the thing happened and I was like "Didn't expect that word, there are bunnies present..." And "Hmmm, this is tooooo easy," but then *SPOILERS* Nothing happened!1!!!!!eleven!!!!

Everything is all fine and dandy, a bit of an overreaction is had, some things are foreshadowed, some ideas are formed, some good sense is spoken AND THEN IT'S OVER!! You can probably guess that I was all like, "Well damn, next installment please!"

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