Friday 8 April 2016

Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron, *SPOILERS* (maybe) AHEAD

As per usual, this review will focus more on my feelings than the story itself, though I shall provide context for the many emotions that assailed me during the reading (listening) of this (audio-) book; it has been a while since I consumed this book and I may muddle some things up a little... totally on purpose, just to keep you all on your toes. You have been warned. ;)

We begin sorta in media res, with a bunch o' nasty thugs chasing down the character Marci Novalli, who will later become known as: OUR HOME-GRRRL! :D As with most stories, it starts out kind of like, "Wha- wait a minute... is that a real thing?" but then you realise that, of course, "Magic, the future, DUH!" and you move on with the tale. The next thing I knew... BOOOM! :)

And then we're with Julius Heartstriker, the nice dragon sealed in human form, kicked out of his mother's mountain for doing too many online degrees and not enough dragon-y things, who is also my Patronus! <3 Julius is, how you say... in trouble, and I'm like "But he's soooo cute!" and "At least we get to see more of this coolio world, I guess."

Then, we're in Detroit. It's now ruled by the powerful spirit Algonquin, Lady of the Lakes, and she ain't a nice lady, lemme tell you... Anyway, dearest Julius (Mah babeh!) is in this super swanky pub/bar thing and he's being told what he's gotta do to not get all killed like. "That's not cool, bro!" And "Wow! That's so COOL!" were things I said. Then OUR HOME-GRRRL comes on the scene, a rogue thaumaturge for hire, and blithely offers baby-J her services.

They set about doing the thing, that is to say, looking for the person (dragon) Julius must find, or else. I'm already so like "I ship it, I ship it, I ship it so hard!" Some stuff happens, more things are done, but quickly the timeframe for the job is tightened. And I'm right there with 'em, singing "Under Pressure" by QUEEN all the way!

Threats are made, scariness occurs, and baby-J's big bro comes on the scene to do what all big bros are supposed to do, save the day. However, he and OUR HOME-GRRRL do not bond quickly. Then there is a run-in with a monster that ends surprisingly well despite some stuff, and of course, there's a sewer.

Next, they're in a hotel, high end, awesomesauce, and Julius is being a boy, oblivious, dumb, and unable to take hints. I can't give away what happens next, but suffice it to say, Julius ends up RUINING the carpets in his room. "Awwwwwwwwww <3"

Back on the hunt, back on the prowl, they have less than a day to find who they need to find or baby-J's head rolls! The past comes back to haunt OUR HOME-GRRRL, and her cat saves the day, then more stuff happens and some more stuff and I'm probably hyperventilating by this point... Eventually we find our way to a dead end café in the underbelly of the city where, shock and horror, waits the goal of this epic quest... having a coffee after a hard day of not being found... UNTIL NOW!

OUR HOME-GRRRL almost dies outside while baby-J and Quest-object are having a heart-to-heart, and I'm all like "LOOK OUTSDIE!" and "IT'S A TRAP!" and what follows eventually is a great big ol' battle with dragons and magic and guns and dragons... and did I mention magic? :D There're even a few swords! :O Anyway, moving on, the book comes to a close a bit later, but not without some serious foreshadowing for book two.

I immediately jumped into book two (because I could)! <3 But you'll have to wait until I post a review of One Good Dragon Deserves Another, to hear about that from me.

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