Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Of Lips and Tongue: A Touch Trilogy Novella by A.G. Carpenter

(Reviewer's note: Do NOT read this story before bed.)
Okay you guys! I read the reviews before getting into this story, and I read the blurb (something I tend to avoid doing), and I was full of expectations and assumptions and all sorts of things you just don't want going into a new story. Well... I WAS WRONG! If you're reading this review instead of this novella, then you're WRONG too! You hear me! Pick up this here book and lay your eyeballs on it till there's no more left. Do it! DO IT NOW! ... All right? You've finished the book and come back? Okay, you can thank me now, I don't mind. :)

You don't have to take my word for the sheer wonderfulness that is Of Lips and Tongue. You don't need me to expound upon the unadulterated pleasure that is A.G. Carpenter's writing and voice; what you need is someone to tell you all about the FEELZ in this book! :D

I quickly discovered that A.G. Carpenter can manipulate my feelings like silly-putty, her characters' voices are so strong, her characters' characters so characterised. I fell right in love with the main character, Delaney Green, from her first scene onward. Del captured my heart and stole my breath away, like a werewolf puppy jumping on my chest, both insanely cute, and ridiculously dangerous. A.G. Carpenter will have you chomping at the bit, biting your nails, and wetting the bed all at once! :O

When I grow up, I want to be half the writer she is!

This novella is, as you might expect, a short story. A.G. Carpenter reels you into a real world full well-realised people who aren't all hunky-dorry. Rather like the most enjoyable gut-punch you'll ever receive, Of Lips and Tongue will leave you breathless!

This story had me jumping up and down, cheering, booing, whooping, weeping, and raving. Delaney Green's voice comes through so well she had me thinking with the same accent as her for days! Even now I am desperately enunciating everything to avoid using her voice instead of my own. I like my voice, too!

My only complaint about Of Lips and Tongue can be that it is just the beginning, and I have to wait to finish the Touch Trilogy now. :( Someone hold me while I procure everything A.G. Carpenter has ever published!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Terra Incognito: A Guide to Building the Worlds of Your Imagination, by Richard C. White

This book stands right on the line between my usual, fantastical, fictional fare, and that which I avoid like the plague. The reason for this is because it's nonfiction. I am very wary of nonfiction, I judge 'true stories' rather harshly because to me, the whole point of a story is to complete the impossible, to achieve the unattainable. However, Richard C. White did just that with this book.

(Fair warning, there weren't many feelz to be felt in this book, so I shall forego that part of the review.)

Terra Incognito is about more than the truth, it's about how to make better fiction, it's a world-building guide for fantasy novelists. And, if I do say so myself, it's a must-read for any aspiring fantastical author. Richard takes you through each and every necessary (and some optional, but highly recommended) step to creating a world worthy of your story. With illustrations, vignettes, and exquisite detail, Terra Incognito is just the inspiration you need to learn about and then make a world of your own.

I will say this against the book, though, it's almost, almost too detailed. Richard does not spare his reader from any aspect of the world-building process. For a first-time world-builder (which I am not) I expect this is helpful, a good example. And that is the only fault I found with Terra Incognito.

This book is like a textbook, a how-to. You don't need to read all of it at once, as I did, but it can't hurt if you do. I would recommend the chapters on Resources and Economy as enough by themselves to buy this book, and when you finish them you'll read the rest just because. I learned a lot! And Richard made learning it all fun and engaging, his vignettes to depict the vary aspects of world-building he was describing were most entertaining, even if the Main Character is unnamed. :( 

This is a book built on what felt like, and I am almost completely certain was, a great deal of research and experience. Richard C. White is no young whipper-snapper, teenaged, know-it-all charlatan. He knows his shit, and this shit is a plot-bunny aphrodisiac! :D 

I am exceedingly glad to have read Terra Incognito, it will serve me well in my world-building to-come. 

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