Monday 4 April 2016

The Story Behind My Story by Theodore B.C. Wright (aka Damoclian)

Okay so, this is the backstory behind how I came to be writing the work-in-progress I am currently working on.

It started seven years ago, when my older brother was working on his first (and only) novel. I, as a young wee lad, could do naught but offer advice and ideas to my brother because story-writing is just the coolest thing in the world! Eventually, my dearest brother grew tired of my constant pestering him with ideas, and told me to write my own story. Which I did. It was awful!

But it was also experience, and a whole bunch of it. I wrote another story, and another, and then a rewrote a few, and then I wrote some more different stories, and some more. I joined NaNoWriMo in 2012 and wrote some more stories. I wrote nearly everyday for those seven years, tale after a tale falling from my fingers like chaff before a heat-seeking missile. Before half a decade was up, I'd written a million words! None of it was any good, but all of it learned me something, and around about almost exactly seven years after I began writing for myself, I took on the story that had inspired all my other stories. My brother's book.

Conceptually brilliant, funny as all get-out, a pleasure to contemplate, a pain to read, and a trail to work with, the story was unsalvageable. But it was still there, begging to become more than a discarded trunk novel never to be seen by the light of day. It wants to be REAL.

So I began making it real. I embellished it and added to it, like a chubby-chaser stuffing potential partners into an acceptable girth. I worked long and hard, I still have a long way to go before this story is fat enough, before I can begin whipping it into good shape. It's promising though, and my craft has improved so much since I began seven years ago that it doesn't actually suck!?

Anyway, you'll see and hear more of this story, this epic of epochs and awesomesauce, if you stay tuned.

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