Thursday 31 March 2016

Testing, testing... one two one two

This's my blog, where I'll probably-mostly talk about books, but quite frankly, anything is game. The books I am likely to discuss are always and only ones that I have read at least once, and I am willing to read almost anything. Almost.

If you've written a book, shoot it my way and I'll write a review of it with enthusiasm, gusto, and a dash of actual, honest-to-God honesty.

I will NOT recommend anything I don't think is worth your time (dear reader), but I will review things that may or may not suck (probably not though).

I WILL do whatever I feel like on here, which includes, but is not limited to: Talking too much, talking about my life, complaining about my life, talking about MY books, telling you all how wonderful MY books are, sharing the wonderfulness that is MY books with the world, and nepotistic reviews for friends.

Expect at least one post a week unless I change my mind and don't post, or decide to flood y'all with posts every hour on the hour.

Also expect a lot of emotes... sometimes words just fail me, okay? Okay.

This has been the first post. Thank you for your time. Ask me about MY books!

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