Sunday 9 April 2017

The Enchanted City by C. Black (NO spoilers ahead)

Review written by Theodore B.C. Wright (me) on Amazon, now brought to life on the blog!

C. Black is the lovechild of Douglas Adams & Terry Pratchett!

This book. THIS. BOOK!

It was lough-out-loud funny, easy on the eyes, and well-written. It had interesting characters, a magic system with the perfect blend of explained and inexplicable, and a dog you just can't help but love. I wish I could read it again with fresh eyes! I wish all my friends had read this book so I actually have someone to talk to about it! For God's sakes, I'm actually reviewing the damn beautiful thing. It was that good; IS that good!

I won't spoil it, I just, I want you to read it. Make this wonderful piece of literature a classic, give C. Black the love he deserves. Buy this book!


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