Monday 20 June 2016

The Sunshine Blog Thingy, tag courtesy of Elaine Witt (aka THIS mad woman) 

Apologies in advance, I'm not a very interesting person. This tag is about answering the questions of the person who tagged you. Now, let's just jump into this insanity, shall we?

1. If you could cast the starring role in a movie loosely based on your life (only with dragons and pirates), who would you choose?

Ryan Gosling. Nuff said. 

2. Is the pen or sword mightier? Why?

Swords, most definitely swords! Swords are deadly and dangerous and can be used to impale people while pens are only good for poking out, like, eyes and stuff. Ever seen a picture of some nutter brandishing a pen like it was a deadly-dangerous weapon? Nope! That's because swords are where it's at.

3. You have to pick one food to eat, every day at every meal, for the rest of your life: what is it?

Love Grown Foods' "Super Oats" because healthy!

4. You can relive one moment in time: when and why?

I honestly don't know much about most of time, having not lived all that long. And the time I have lived through has never been glamorous, so on top of having a small sample size, I don't have anything I want to repeat. If this question had been about book scenes I could live through, well, that'd be a different story!

5. What book have you re-read the most?

Probably Artemis Fowl Book 3: The Eternity Code. I was big into that series when I were a wee lad, before I knew that libraries and other books by other authors exist. I also couldn't read when I was young, so I relied upon my audio CDs to get through things, and CASSETTE TAPES! :O

6. What never fails to bring a smile to your face?

Mah puppy! :D

7. Have you ever heard a song so sad or beautiful it made you cry? Please share.

THIS song hurts my feelz!

8. Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, or Blue Beard?


9. Are you a truth, or a dare kind of person? Explain.

I like the truth, but dares within reason can be enjoyable, too.

10. What’s your motto in life?

 "Live and let Live." Seems easy, right? If only!

And now, my ten questions for you, dear reader/person(s)-whom-I-tag:

1. What is your favourite? (You may choose any one thing to be your fave-favourite)
2. Tea? Coffee? Or something else entirely? (you monster)
3. How do you start off your work/writing-day?
4. What is your preferred combination of ingredients in a cookie? (and/or muffin if you don't like cookies)
5. Favourite pizza? (Can you tell I'm hungry as I write this?)
6. What kind of notebook do you use to write/journal/puke words in?
7. Is there a song that will always get you dancin'? Do share
8. What is your favourite game? (can be anything, tabletop, board, video, whatever!)
9. What was the first book you ever read? (with your eyes, specifically)
10. Pick a painting (any painting, any era, any artist) to represent yourself. What did you pick?

People I tag!!! :D


@Eruvandi (aka E.F.B (even though you don't have a blog YET, consider yourself tagged))

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